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March 2014, v2.4

First of all, an important note.
If you had any previous version of CCCalc installed then when you run this one for the first time, its window may appear in a wrong place of the screen and will be inconveniently small. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please adjust its size and location once and CCCalc will remember your new setting.

1. Localized decimal separator

The decimal separator is localized, e.g. CCCcals will show "123.12" for USA locale, but "123,12" for German, Russian etc.

2. Comments move-out

If you don't use comments and want them not to waste the screen space, then now you can simply scroll comments out the window border. After that CCCalc will show comments only if you scroll them back in, or press TAB to set the caret to the comments field.

3. Input Improvement. 

Now if you type "2+++" key sequence it will result to expression "2+2+2+2=8", not to "2+0+0+0=2" as it was before. The new behavior conforms to pocket calculators better.

4. Remastered German localization

Many thank to it's author, Lesmo16, for this and many other contributions to this project.

5. Bug fixes

  • CCCalc text now flickers much less during scrolling. 
  • Bug fix in pasting data from another applications, which caused to produce wrong paste results for data with whitespaces, especially from Microsoft Excel or some web pages.

Release history

October 2013, v2.3: Text auto cleanup

Now you can set up CCCalc to clean up the calculation history each time you run it.

And also:

  • Improved appearance on high-resolution screens on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • New layout for on-screen virtual keypad which conforms better to traditional desktop and pocket calculators
  • Setting dialogs are redesigned to look better
  • Fixed crash of CCCalc on computer wake up after being asleep or hibernated

May 2012, v2.2: Text comments

Now CCCalc allows you to put text comments into calculations.

And also:

1. HTML clipboard format support keeps calculation appearance when pasting them into office applications.

2. Bug fix

In version 2.1 it was impossible to start typing a number from the decimal dot.

December 2010, version 2.1: Printing

Now you may print the calculation tape

And also:

1. Minimize window instead of program termination

The new option sets the CCCalc to not terminate when its window is closed, like, for instance, the Skype™ application does.

2. Improvement in expression input

When CCCalc inserts a new number while you entering an expression, it now uses a copy of the previous number instead of zero, which is marked as a current selection. This makes no changes to a key sequence needed to enter an expression in general, but gives some small conveniences. For example, to calculate any number squared you need to enter it once and press "*".

3. Special button for change sign operation

The new button of the virtual keypad which changes sign of the current number makes this operation more obvious and convenient.

Thanks to all people who shared these cool ideas with us!

April 2010: version 2.0

1. You may save as many calculation histories as you need.

It is done via traditional menu commands "Save As", "Open" and "Close" like in many other applications. The difference is that CCCalc still saves current history automatically and invisibly, so such actions work like switching CCCalc to another file which will be in use, even if you reboot the computer, until next such explicit switching.

To open a file you may also double-click it in the Windows Explorer window.

2. Update notifications

CCCalc will notify you itself when a new version or update is published, no need to check the site manually.

3. German localizations

Thanks to Lesmo16, who volunteered in the translation and respective testing, the program will "speak German" if it is the language of your computer.

October 2009: version 1.9

1. Virtual keypad added

It contains buttons for almost all action available in CCCalc. The keypad is provided for people who prefer using mouse instead of keyboard. It also makes it easier to know what is possible here and what is not.

2. Personal calculation history

Calculation history now is saved in personal user profile instead of Program Files. It solves the problem with lack of write permissions on Windows Vista and also provides personal calculation history for each user on the computer.

3. A number of usage convenience improvements

For instance, now when you insert square root sign, CCCalc keeps the caret not moving and so you need not to move it explicitly to add operation after this number.

4. Internals refactored

It greatly simplifies future UI improvements, and the first one of this kind is the virtual keypad.

May 2008: Version 1.8

  • square root calculation: use keys "S", "\" or right-click popup menu
  • "always on top" mode
  • one bug fixed
  • help pages redesigned

All these was done by request of our customers. Thank you all!

November 2008: Version 1.71

Bug fix release. Two bugs fixed and calculator appearance slightly improved.

May 2008 - Version 1.7.

  • multilanguage user interface with automatic language selection. Currently English and Russian are available but another locales can be added easily
  • professional web site design, thanks to Maxim Mironov and Marina Filippova, xTech

June 2007 - Version 1.5.44

  • improved Paste of Excel data, less unwanted line splits
  • mouse wheel support
  • first release of English version
  •  this free installer used to build setup package
  • complete site redesign

December 2003 - Version 1.4.41

  • number grouping for easier reading
  • NumLock emulation
  • options for "close at hand" mode implemented, i.e. hotkey invocation, minimize on Escape and system tray icon instead of task bar button
  • keyclick sound
  • text editing made some more natural

Sepember 2003 - Version 1.3.39

Memory operations implemented.

March 2003 - Version 1.2.38

Percent multiply and divide made conforming with what they usually mean for desktop calculators.

January 2003 - Version 1.2.37

  • percent calculations implemented
  • 4 minor bugs corrected

December 2002 - Version 1.1.36

First public release.


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