PortableApps.com Edition  

CCCalc PortableApps.com edition

CCCalc Portable works the same with the similar version of the regular CCCalc. The major difference is that it is possible to run it from a flash drive on any Windows computer without an installation, and to be sure that it will not leave your personal information in the system where you run it.

It also is explicitly built to integrate with PortableApps.com Platform, which provide convenient way to run such portable applications. For more information about portable applications visit PortableApps.com.

To download CCCalcPortable click here.

Your browser will download an installer executable. Run it and follow the on-screen instruction.

To start CCCalc after installation, open PortableApps Platform and click CCCalc's icon. If you don't use the Platform then open the installation folder and double-click CCCalcPortable.exe.

To uninstall CCCalc Portable simply delete its installation folder.

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