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Why yet another calculator?

Did you ever see a desktop or pocket calculator side by side with computer on the same workplace? Did you see people using calculator together with Excel, Access or other number-crunching software? Almost all professional economists and bookkeepers that we know, do so. And moreover, they often calculate something with pencil-and-paper at the same time.


Why desktop or pocket calculator can be better then its software sibling or moreover then Excel? When paper and pencil are more convenient then Excel or cool TI?

CCCalc is a result of a try to think about these "whys" and to reinvent the software calculator so that a desktop gadget would be needed less often or better never.

It's for you to judge how good did we handle it. We will appreciate if you share your ideas on how to make it better.


We thank

  • Konstantin Kuchinsky
  • Vyacheslav Tikhonov
  • Anton Savushkin
  • Marina Seryoukova
  • Maxim Mironov (Krasnodar)

for sincere attention and very good advices that made CCCalc to become a really useful thing.

Many thanks to Maxim Mironov and Marina Filippova (xTech, Novosibirsk) for the cool design of this site.

Special thanks to Lesmo16, who volunteered in German translation and respective testing.

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About 5